Our Approach

Defining Your Target

What audience will provide your organization with the biggest and fastest ROI?.

  • What is your target market? Small, medium sized business? Enterprise only? SAP users?
  • Is your target specific to a certain geography?

Determining What Is Deemed A Qualified Lead

The most critical differences between qualified and unqualified sales leads are expressed in terms of buyer fit and intent.

  • What is a qualified lead for your service or offering? Usually the criteria for a qualified lead includes: Economic Buyer or Decision Maker, budget in place, pain revealed and immediate need.

Creating A Prospecting Approach & Strong Messaging

Relying on an approach, not a pitch.

  • Are we selling to a 1st generation buyer?
  • Is this role-based prospecting where we cannot rely on the title to secure an appointment?
  • Can we quantify a financial play?
  • Defining questions that establish our credibility and establish empathy with your audience.
  • Discerning what their problem is, how they feel about it and what they currently do to try and solve it.
  • Determining what would be trigger events for your prospects to buy your service or offering.
  • Understanding what would be compelling reasons to talk to a sales representative, commit to a Discovery call?