Sales Outsourcing

We accelerate your sales growth by building bigger pipelines, reducing your sales cycle time down, and delivery net new sales opportunities. We help achieve your sales goals by letting your sales people focus on closing deals while we prospect and find new business.

Meet Your Sales Goals                                                                          shutterstock_94974991

When your sales team is already focused on renewals, upselling and closing deals, you need an outsourced lead generation firm that keeps your sales funnel full without wasting your time or budget. We become an extension of your sales team. Our team of sales professionals works with you to find qualified business opportunities. We hunt for new business allowing you to focus on closing business.

Get Higher Lead Conversion Rates

Working with TAP Sales Solutions will not only improve your quantity of new leads, but also the quality of sales leads. Together, we agree on the specific factors for what deems as a qualified lead so that you’re working only with the perfect prospects. In turn, your lead conversion rate improves, helping you close more business.

Proven Results And Experience – Instantly

Hiring a brand-new sales person or inside sales team takes time and a budget that you don’t necessarily have, but it also requires you to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the new hire and then train on your process, etc. This whole process could take several months or up to a year before they finally make their goals.  Meanwhile, the market may have shifted entirely. When you partner with TAP Sales Solutions, you work with a team of sales professionals who have proven results and are trained in successful prospecting, without the waiting and the year-long ramp-up time.